About Us

CrabDelivery.Sg is Singapore’s Top Rated online Crab and Seafood Delivery option. We’re well known for the quality of our crabs, and of course, our reliable and efficient delivery. 

Changing the Crab Market, One Crab at a Time

Crabs have long been associated with dishonest business practices and the usage of unfresh crabs served to customers. We’re here to change all that and crab lovers in Singapore with only the best crabs we have to offer. 

All our crabs are only prepared fresh and come from live crabs held in our own crab aquariums. When you purchase from us and have them delivered to you, you can be sure that the crab is as fresh as you’re going to get anywhere else!

Freshness Guarantee

We’re the only seafood restaurant that dares to offer a freshness guarantee. Our guarantee stands for all our products – if you encounter a crab, lobster, or any other seafood from us that is unfresh, please let us know and we will offer you a full refund. We are very serious about the freshness and quality of our food.

Direct Delivery – Delivered Steaming Hot

Unlike many other food delivery services around, we’re insistent that all our delivery be done instantaneously and directly to you. This means that once our deliverymen picks up your order, they’ll be rushing straight to you, making sure that your experience is as close to a restaurant dining experience as possible – and maybe even better!

Airflown Daily Catches of Seafood

Besides being a seafood restaurant, we are also a supplier of seafood. That’s why we have daily batches of seafood flown in from all around the world, with our main base being in Sri Lanka. If you’re looking for someone to supply you seafood, do click here.

Award Winning Crab

Our crab has garnered the best votes from the public! We’ve even had major celebrities trying and loving our crab. If you’re a crab lover, be sure to try us!